Spanish grammar! 

If you are like most people these two words, particularly the second, could make your skin crawl. What is it about grammar that has us react like that? Perhaps it is a bit like mathematics …

Words like Spanish verb conjugation, prepositions, adjectives, Spanish subjunctive, Spanish pronouns, Spanish adjectives. Aaagh!


Learn Spanish onlineWhen people say grammar is a system or rules of a language it seems as if you need to learn a complex framework first before you could say anything in Spanish. Not true!

Think about it. There is no Universal Language Maker who devised a set of rules or system first before magically bringing into being any language. No, language comes first – Grammar resulted from it. There is just the ‘chicken’ here – language – not a chicken-and-egg story. Living languages change their grammar, words, and expressions over time.

Why does that help?Well, it helps us understand that we do not need grammar to speak the language. After all, children learn grammar later in school after they have learned their language. But, wait, before you say that is a relief – if you want to study the Spanish language, grammar will help you learn this language more quickly and more effectively. Yet, you can’t do without it.

So we shall just bravely face it together, shall we… C’mon, hold my hand.

Muy bien.

Grammar is not a precise set of rules, it always contains many exceptions because of the ways it has come about. It’s the people… Any language is always changing. It’s not child’s play but it is a good thing and it will help you to learn to speak, read and write Spanish more easily.

Of course, you could always get a book like “501 Spanish verbs”. But wait! Have a go at this free introduction to Spanish grammar first. Practice a few verb conjugations. Practice subjunctive, adjectives, and pronouns. I’ll wait…

Done that?

Now, did that hurt? Of course, there are more difficult patches in learning Spanish grammar but when you see how easy it is to master basic Spanish grammar you will not feel daunted about this anymore.